Healthy Sweets?

I guess “healthy” is a relative term, but these treats are made without sugar and using only whole foods, although they do contain dried fruits that are not for everybody. My kids love them, and my daughter christened them “coco-balls”. Anyway, on with the recipe.
1 cup of dried apricots (preferably unsulphured)
1 cup of dried dates
1 cup of raw nuts (cashews, brazils, hazelnuts, almonds etc. – mix and match how you like)
1 cup of dessicated coconut
Half an orange
Put the dried fruit and nuts into a food processor with the S blade and pulse them until the nuts and dried fruit are well broken up. Squeeze the juice of the half orange into the mix to help it bind, then process for about a minute or so, until the mixture turns to a dough like consistency.
Pour the dessicated coconut into a small bowl. Take out small amounts of the mixture from the food processor (I use a dessert spoon measure), roll it into a ball and roll the ball in the dessicated coconut to coat it fully (and make it easy to handle without getting sticky!). Store the “coco-balls” in a container, and place in the fridge for an hour or so until they harden.
Due to the high natural sugar content, and they high healthy fat content, these treats are pretty high in calories, but they are a delicious treat now and again. The can last for ages in the fridge, unless there are any kids present in the household (even not so small kids!).


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